Strange question?

Hey, this may be a weird question but does anybody know what Steve's sexuality is? I read somewhere that he has a girlfriend but I guess I don't know. Me and my friends have been talking about it, do you think he is straight/bi/gay? Or do you know?
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Re: Secret Santa Fun

Hi! First off, if this post is in anyway not allowed I want to
apologize profusely and please delete it. Anyway I am here to pimp a
community of which I am a mod. It's a slash fic exchange
livejournal commuinty for Christmas. Latter Days and RPS is on offer, so check out the user page and join in on the fun. Hope to see you there: secretsantafic

Community Mummy

P.S. I'm posting this same blurb to a whole mess of communities I
lurk/participate in. So if you see it repeated, I'm sorry, but I wanna
get the word out there! Hehe. Once again, if this is clashing with
this comm's rules, I am extremely sorry.

First Fan Vid

Yea so through much effort and reading and trial and error i finally did it i made a fan vid.............Much thanks to the folks at vidding

This being my first video i don't think a tutorial is gonna be done till i have made a few more. I need to get more aquanted with doing them but rest assured i will do a tutorial.

Title: Missionary Man
Vidder: vylecons
Music: Gustavo Santaolalla-Wings (Brokeback Mountain Theme)
Fandom: Latter Days
Warnings: Some Nidity NWS
Download: 13.18 MB

Please comment let me know what you think.
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cerisaye i especially hope you like this i figured take a great song from a great movie and a few clips from another great movie and make them one...YAY!!!!