Vince Kendall (dfleprdfan) wrote in stevesandvoss,
Vince Kendall

First Fan Vid

Yea so through much effort and reading and trial and error i finally did it i made a fan vid.............Much thanks to the folks at vidding

This being my first video i don't think a tutorial is gonna be done till i have made a few more. I need to get more aquanted with doing them but rest assured i will do a tutorial.

Title: Missionary Man
Vidder: vylecons
Music: Gustavo Santaolalla-Wings (Brokeback Mountain Theme)
Fandom: Latter Days
Warnings: Some Nidity NWS
Download: 13.18 MB

Please comment let me know what you think.
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cerisaye i especially hope you like this i figured take a great song from a great movie and a few clips from another great movie and make them one...YAY!!!!
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