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Finally got the Latter Days soundtrack!

Hey all!


After going all the way to the only gay bookshop left in NYC, being told that they would reserve the soundtrack for me, and getting there at 7:30 PM only to find out that it closed at 7 PM, going back the next week, and being told that they sold it (even though they were supposed to hold it for me) and didn't bother ordering an extra copy to replace the first one (something which was still the case when I called them 3 weeks later, BTW)...


after asking my mainstream book retailer to hold it for me, going there and checking up on it and being told that the order was "cancelled", them saying it's unlikely they'd find it, but that I could place it on order again "just in case" and me agreeing, not seeing much hope for actually getting it through them...


and then getting a call from the self-same retailer on Monday, going there yesterday...


indeed they had found a copy!!



So when they asked me if I "needed a bag", natch, I declined and told them I'd be popping this into my car's CD player the moment I got in...



I have mixed reviews:



Naturally, the main complaint from all corners is that it's Nita Whitaker singing the 3 awesome music video songs sung in the movie by none other than that absolute goddess Rebekah Jordan.  BTW, I was wondering if anyone knows if Nita Whitaker was that woman holding a mike and looking somewhat on the foolish side in the background when Rebekah did the live stage performance for "Another Beautiful Day" at Elks Lodge?  It seemed like she might be the type.


But I do have some upsides from having it be Nita Whitaker -- though I positively love Rebekah Jordan, I've got to say this -- it's very hard to makes out certain verses of the lyrics when she sang them, at least, the ones that were recorded and made it to the final cut of the movie.  The most notable, I'm sure anyone who's seen Latter Days would agree, is the third verse of "Another Beautiful Day"...  I had someone listen to it like 8 times and he still couldn't get the part after "travel" and before "for a god made of gravel"


He came up with "just in folly".  It took me getting the soundtrack and Nita Whitaker singing it for me to hear what CJ intended -- "dressed in polyester"  Wow, I finally got it, although at first I thought it was something about "empire" but it only took me by myself listening a couple or three times to hear her -- no one else required. 


Another part of ABD that Ms. Whitaker helped me hear clearly was the second line of the first verse:  With goddess Rebekah, I heard "When you were just a child of eight, you were taught you were not to deviate;  Only one way to heaven, but hell -- a million ways to fall." and that's the way I would always sing it.  Once again, Nita Whitaker to the rescue!  The second line is actually "Only one way to heaven, but half a million ways to fall."


Of course the downside is that Nita often doesn't sing the lyrics the way they were intended -- the most annoying is when she sings "He's not getting over you" instead of "He still can't get over you." the way CJ intended in "Tuesday, 3 AM".


Also on the annoying side from that awesome song is "Nothing changes the way things are" instead of "Nothing will change the way things are." and also  "a pocketwatch and a memory of a kiss out in the snow" instead of "a pocketwatch and memories of a kiss out in the snow".


And she really skewers the first "Tuesday" of T3AM.  It sounds like her voice broke but they didn't have time to do another take.  Anyone else notice that?




But I'd have to say it was still way worth it...  there are other great songs aside from the 3 w/music videos.


The one disappointment of the two I'm thinking of -- 'Hymn For Those Left Behind'.


It seemed awesome when it was speaking of earthly pain.  Sometimes I'd watch Latter Days late at night and be so incredibly moved by 'Hymn' that I'd go back to the beginning of Chapter 9 (sometimes even including the tail end of Chapter 8 - the scene w/Aaron & Christian cuddling and falling asleep is particularly poignant and adds to the sad effect when 'Hymn' begins in earnest)


Then I heard that the song is also a reference to the Day of Judgement.  Can you say 'EEEWWW'?  It almost totally ruins it, but I recommend restarting 'Hymn' before it gets there and listening to the verses offered in the movie.  All I can say is for the covert theocratic propaganda - we've been scammed!  j/k 


I'd always know one day I'd create my own LD mix, w/Rebekah Jordan's version of the songs (now that I know just about all the verses for all three of them).  I'm thinking when I do, I'll include 'Hymn', but only until just before the Judgement Day crap sets in.


Finally, there's "Man on a Mission".  I love it!  Definitely ranks as one of my favorite songs to blast while driving and proudly letting the world hear it.  Anyone have any idea if Bobby Joyner is gay?  I did a web search for him and found very little information on him aside from his work on LD.

Regardless of the affectional orientation of the man himself, "Man of a Mission" can definitely be interpreted as describing a guy romantically pursuing another guy.  If "dressed to stress that you're all James Bondage" doesn't do it for the listener, "you might be the next De Niro, but I might be a little dangerous too." etches it in stone.  Finally a masculine, more country sounding lyric w/a gay theme!   That reminds me, after getting the LD st, I was checking out the latest periodicals, and this progressive mag ran a feature article on "How the GOP stole country music."  This is definitely a warning shot to Republicans that think they have some kind of monopoly.  Take that, Toby Keith!



One last thing -- an interesting story... while calling Senator Reid's office today to voice my support for his efforts to defend the filibuster, the aide who answered asked me if I was from California...  thinking quick, I decided to say I was from Utah (heh, too much Latter Days on the brain).  Ehehe... he asked me whereabouts -- I answered "right outside Salt Lake City".  He told me that he was from Pocatello, Idaho!!!  Of course, I just had to ask if he'd seen LD.  He answered "No".  He might have been a bit put off by the question.  I'm not sure if it was because he knew that it was a gay-themed film and was str8 (hopefully not homphobic, though) or because he didn't know that much about it and thought it was some pro-religion movie.  I have half a mind to call back and reassure him that it isn't. 
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